Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm a 26 year old self taught artist/illustrator living in WA-USA with my husband Dani trying to make life as simple and beautiful as it can be, and sharing it for the sake of LOVE.

During the day I work at the childcare center from the YMCA with the best artists, superheroes, and singers of the entire world, the toddlers :) (they do everything because they want to, and they don't really care what anyone think. I learn from them everyday); and by night, well, by night I rest. So when do I do art? whenever I feel like, or if I have a specific project, then I'll work on it all day and all night, since my brain is always thinking about it.

Right now I'm in the search for a good story to tell and illustrate, so I'm thinking about it 24/7, I even have ideas when I'm sleeping (total geek!) Maybe I'll end up doing something completely different, who knows...

I meditate, do yoga at home, go for long walks, and make mandalas. I also do magic with my thoughts, cook my favorite dishes form Venezuela (arepas) and spend time with Dani, so you may find any of this subjects in this blog, or any other!

Enjoy yourself and have a wonderful day :)

Claudia Horsey

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