Sunday, August 29, 2010

Vacation Sister

One of my sisters came to visit me from Venezuela!
That's the excuse for my absence (yeah, right!). She was here for 5 weeks this summer, and I realized how big of a difference it makes when I'm close to family. last week was my 2nd year anniversary being in the USA. Time goes fast yikes!

We ate so many waffles during her visit (We can't really find waffles in Venezuela), and now that she's gone, when I miss her I stuff myself with waffles just to remember the feeling of her being here :( I know, crazy, right! Do you do that kind of things? I had to ask so I don't feel as crazy...

Anyways, I thought of sharing a pic from a trip we made to Lake Chelan.

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  1. que bellezaaaaa!!!
    no se puede ser mas cuchi:.
    te quiero:.