Monday, September 27, 2010

Exploration # 1

I'm going to start doing some creative explorations to open up creativity. This isn't really the first time I do this exploration, but I'll call this one # 1 to start a series of explorations, to see the progress of my creative process starting here. This is also a way of inviting you to participate and share your explorations.

Feel free to use this ideas as an exercise for your own creative process.

Exploration instructions:

Make 10 mini paintings (including drawings, collages, or anything else) with the first thing that crosses your mind. So you sit down with all your materials on hand, a glass of water, music, and maybe some snack, and hands on work!

Note: don't stop until you finish the 10 paintings, maybe a 10 minute break after the 5th one

Suggestion: make mini paintings, so you can work fast and ideas can flow easily.

Another Note: feel free to change, modify or ignore this exploration and make something else.

Here are my 10 mini paints


  1. Love it!!:..
    Need to get some materials before getting started!!:..
    I love how your minipaints came out!!...

  2. Great idea...and fun. Wonderful ten you have created too:)

  3. they are really amazing, I love them all. I see you're using new methods.

    The bird makes me want to cry :(

  4. I like your garage, I like the horse and the birds, I love the purple one, and the mandala one, and the dots one, I love the foca. I can say it again, I love them all