Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today I'm grateful for....

The way I'll celebrate Mabon this year will start by making a list of at least 10 things I'm grateful for today. Maybe later I'll make some homemade bread to share with dani, and meditate before going to bed. But I think it's a good way to start my day by listing the things I'm grateful for at the moment. So here it is:

I'm grateful for...

1. My life with Dani, full of joy and abundance;

2. Having amazing people I call my family, including my blood family and in law family;

3. Have a roof to live under, a space to create love, art and to share with my dearest;

4. all the experiences I've had, that have helped me become what I am today,

5. the Nature I'm surrounded by,

6. my basil plant,

7. Autumn, and the change of seasons,

8. the freedom I have,

9. food I get to eat, and

10. being alive

What are you grateful for TODAY? want to share?


  1. I am thankfull for having a beautiful sister like you!:..
    I love you:..

  2. Si Claudita !!! Super tierno, especialmente your basil plant !!! Alabar a Dios es dar siempre gracias por lo que tenemos. Mejor que andar pidiendole cosas...porque al pedir reconocemos nuestras carencias y al reconocerlas las creamos aunque en la realidad no existan !

  3. This is beautiful. I am grateful for having read it.