Monday, August 30, 2010

Mandalas and Intuitive Art

Mandala is a Sanskrit for magic circle.

This past couple of weeks I started making Mandalas as a way of meditation. I'm working on the first stage of the Mandalas which is Resting in the Darkness. According the the Mandala Workbook (Fincher, 2009), the natural rhythm of this stage is slow, and if you can come to appreciate this and accept the gifts of deep rest, then this experience can be welcomed... ...The stage of resting in the darkness is a natural part of life..."

I felt this summer that I was in that stage, and the meditations I'm working on with the mandalas are helping me move to the next stage, but mostly, to accept the one I am in the present. I'm learning to understand life as part of a circle, as a cycle.

So I made a couple of mandalas, and when I finished, I realized that they represent a situation I'm going through right now, and is understanding the cycles of living with a partner, in this case, Dani. I'm a sign of water, and he is a sign of earth; no coincidence the mandalas I made are blue and brown ;)

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