Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thoughts about the future

Sometimes I find myself thinking too much about the future. I get a little anxious, since I'm a very inpatient sometimes. I need things to happen right now...

But then I meditate or do yoga, or paint, and that brings me back to the present. Those activities are like a time machine, where time does not exist!

I want to be an illustrator, and be able to do it every day, as my business. I get stressed out when I think that I don't know where to start, but the truth is that I DO know, and the way is by trusting in the process, in the Universe. So this is my way of working on it and being happy where I am right now, in this very moment :)

Do you get anxious about the future too?

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  1. Dear Claudia,
    I've noticed your profile mostly through illustration friday and your kind comments on my blog (Thanks for them).
    I'm a final year design student in Bangalore, India and i wanted to request your help on my final year project.
    If you have the time could you please help me a little? I'm looking for people to make an illustration for me on 'language and identity'. It can be your own interpretation of the subject and it can be even a simple illustration depending on the time and enthusiasm you have for it.
    I would be very very grateful for your help and i will obviously give you due credit for your work in any place i use it.
    You can check out an example i made on
    It needn't be anything like this though. It is your own interpretation and style that i would need. It could even be an experience you have had resulting from conflict with language such as miscommunication.
    If you are unable to help but know of someone else who might be interested please do pass the word!
    I can be contacted at
    Thank you!
    (sorry to have to put this on a random post! Didn't know how else to contact you!)