Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Currently reading - The Bears Famous Invasion of Sicily

I'm currently reading this amazing story about bears, battles, and people. It was written by Dino Buzzati. The story is written so simply, and it makes my mind travel to italy and a long time ago into the past, that I believe existed.

Dino Buzzati (October 16, 1906 - January 28, 1972) was an italian writer, painter and poet, and he's well know worldwide for Il deserto dei tartari (the tartar steppe) I trully admire him and I wanted to share ir with you. Maybe you'll like his books too :)

Here are some of his paintings:


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  2. I do like it! =D

    P.D: sorry for that my mistake

  3. hahahaha it's ok!
    Amo ese libro, y las ilustraciones, y el autor, todo es muy fino. Voy a ver si lo consigo en espanol y te lo llevo este diciembre :)